Mohave County Court Filing Fees

Courts are advised to charge the Supreme Court`s minimum fee of $27 to „seek an opinion, file a document, or perform an act for which no specific fee is required by law“ to convert an existing marriage into a federal marriage. Our debt prosecution settlement letter provides the collector with an out-of-court settlement agreement. While you may want to win the case and pay nothing, it might be more realistic to accept the case by paying the person less than the face value of the debt. The filing fee lists offered on this website reflect the fees set forth in Arizona`s revised regulations, A.R.S. § 12-284, with increases approved by the Supreme Court pursuant to the Arizona Code of Court Administration (ACJA) § 3-404. AO 2014-39 set ACJA § 5-109 with effect from 19. In May 2014, he took over the collection of fees from the Arizona Longy Trial Fund. Please check with the competent court for additional local charges. Note 1: In accordance with article 25-127 of A. R.S., if a city or township is more than 4 miles from the county seat, the clerk of the Supreme Court may authorize a city clerk or county city clerk to issue marriage licenses. Unfortunately, this court charges a filing fee to respond to a lawsuit. The range is between $0 and $230. Here is the list of fees.

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