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PROBONONJ is managed by Legal Services of New Jersey as a public service to expand and support civil legal assistance for the underprivileged in New Jersey. This website connects volunteers, organizations providing legal assistance, and ultimately clients themselves by offering coordination, support, resources, and other forms of assistance. Visit LSNJ.org to learn more about legal services. Legal Services of New Jersey (LSNJ) coordinates the statewide legal services system, which provides low-income New Jerseyans with free legal assistance for their civil law issues. People with serious legal problems who couldn`t afford a private lawyer LSNJ coordinates the statewide legal services system that provides low-income New Jerseyans with free legal assistance for their civil law problems. Through its work, LSNJ strives to ensure substantive and procedural justice for people living in poverty. NJ Legal Services website Seniors with legal issues that threaten their independence Click here for more information about our services and how to apply. In addition, you can contact your district LSNJ office. To find your local legal aid office, visit the LSNJ District Directory. American society promises equal justice for all. For those living in poverty, this obligation is still not met. In New Jersey, every year, one in three people living in poverty has at least one civil law problem that requires the help of a lawyer.

Only a sixth will be able to obtain such legal assistance. You can change that. Join us and help us make a difference. In addition, people threatened with eviction or foreclosure can contact a state housing counselor or contact a legal aid agency in your community. WARNING! We learned that the name Legal Aid or Legal Services was used by scammers trying to convince people to transfer money. The caller states that your child or grandchild is in jail and that you need to send money. This scam has been circulating for years and you should not fall for it. If you ever want to confirm if someone from legal services has called you, call us directly to ask if anyone has tried to reach you. A list of legal aid offices and telephone numbers can be found here.

Victims of domestic violence who received protection orders and financial support 25.05.21 – Notice to the Law Society and the Public – Rejection of nearly 300,000 municipal records dating back more than 27 years and recall of driver`s licences. Tax Legal Assistance Project (TLAP) Legal Services of New Jersey 13.05.21 – New law helps remove barriers to professional and professional admission for people with a history of conviction – May 11, 2021,. Read More » If you`re at risk of eviction or have concerns about paying rent, visit covid19.nj.gov/renter to learn more about eviction protection and rent assistance in New Jersey. COVID-19 Disaster Relief Legal Advice for New Jersey Consumers Victims of Fraud, Identity Theft and Crushing Debt Thank you for your message! We will get back to you as soon as possible. 10/5/21 – Notice to the Bar Association and the Public – Landlord Tenants – Lawyers Obliged to File with Electronic Courts – The Supreme Court ordered this. Read More » Help promote access to justice in Bergen, Hudson and Passaic counties.