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On Thursday, the Irish Data Protection Commission informed the data protection commissions of other European Union countries that it would prevent Meta and subsequently Instagram and Facebook from sending user data from Europe to the United States (via Politico). The Irish DPC claims that Meta cannot be allowed to bring European users` data across the Atlantic, as these services are subject to US laws in the US and therefore supervisory authorities can provide access to information about European users. This agreement has allowed US companies to import personal data from Europeans, even though the US does not have data protection laws as strict as those in the EU – a prerequisite for each country to receive a so-called „adequacy decision“ from the European Commission. However, the latest European laws require the Company to store (and process) User Data only on European servers. Meta breached the rules and instead threatened to stop offering important services, including Instagram and Facebook, in Europe. TikTok vigorously denies sharing U.S. data with the Chinese government, saying it would never do so. However, China`s intelligence laws would make it harder for TikTok to reject such a request — and for Europeans, it could essentially leave TikTok in the same boat as rivals Facebook and Instagram. In February, Meta threatened to take down Instagram and Facebook in Europe due to privacy laws.

Regulators challenged the company, which not only ceased operations in the country but now faces its third fine. You can read more about this here. Hi redditors I have been experiencing this problem for a few days when I try to send a photo to someone on the DM Instagram I can`t send photos to someone and this message pops up whenever I can send normal photos from the camera roll, but I can`t make one with the app and I sent it, I tried everything: Reinstalling the Logout/Sign In app The problem has been reported to IG but no response I should mention the fact that my friends can still only send photos when I encountered the problem. Do you have any idea why this is happening? I know that European messaging policy has changed, but that was already in December, and I had no problems until yesterday. Thanks in advance for the help and time „Facebook will use the Irish legal system to delay an actual ban on data transfers. Ireland will have to send the police to physically cut the cables before these transfers stop,“ he said in a statement, criticising the Irish DPC for apparently failing to punish Facebook for past illegal transfers. Depending on how long it takes, Europe could be cut off from Facebook and Instagram by the end of September, or the process could continue until next year. In 2020, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) lifted the EU-US pact on data flows due to fears of the same surveillance practices. At that time, the CJEU made it difficult for US companies to transfer personal data between the two continents.

To address this issue, the White House has been working to reach an agreement with the EU to keep the data flowing. The two sides reached a tentative agreement in March, but the final agreement is still pending. Sign up for the Fortune Features mailing list to stay up for our greatest features, exclusive interviews, and research. „This draft decision, which is subject to review by European data protection authorities, concerns a conflict between EU and US laws that is currently being resolved,“ the company said in a statement. „We welcome the agreement between the EU and the US on a new legal framework that allows for continued cross-border data transfers, and we hope that this framework will allow us to keep families, communities and economies connected.“ A TikTok spokesperson said the company could not comment on an ongoing investigation and „continues to cooperate fully with the DPC.“ Max Schrems, the Austrian lawyer whose Facebook lawsuits triggered the defeat of Safe Harbor, the Privacy Shield and possibly Facebook`s SCCs, said Thursday he was skeptical of enforcement. Last year, the DPC opened two investigations into TikTok. One is about how TikTok handles children`s data – TechCrunch reported a few weeks ago that a draft ruling on this case could be released towards the end of August. The second investigation concerns the transfer of personal data by TikTok to China, and this is what is moving forward now.

Facebook has decided to disable several interactive options and offer only one central messaging service until the extras can be added. From 21 December, messaging apps will fall under the EU regulation known as the ePrivacy Directive. If the US really reins in its intelligence services and gives Europeans a useful point of contact for complaints, it could also save Facebook and Instagram`s SCCs. For now, it`s a big if, but Meta is counting on it. Note that you should avoid any further updates to the Threads app, otherwise you may lose the functionality. If the app is not available in your country, you can download it from APKMirror, a safe place where you can find verified APKs. Did you like this article? Follow WABetaInfo on Twitter to learn more! According to TechCrunch, this complaint related to the platforms` „processing of children`s data for business accounts and a user registration system operated by them.“ Previously, children`s accounts were set to „public“ by default, making them easier to target with ads, aside from other safety issues. Facebook is disabling several features of its Messenger and Instagram apps for people in Europe to ensure they comply with a privacy policy change.

Earlier this year, Meta filed a report with the Securities and Exchange Commission highlighting a scenario in which Facebook and Instagram are expected to shut down in Europe. Meta claimed in the report that it processes data on the continents of Europe and America, as this is essential to its business. After a lengthy investigation, the Irish data protection authority wants to prevent Facebook and Instagram from transferring European personal data to the United States. This revolutionary decision would effectively end Europeans` ability to use services. An Irish DPC spokesman confirmed to Fortune on Thursday that it had submitted the draft decision to the EDPB — news first reported by Politico — but would not discuss its contents.