Nomura Legal Jobs

. What sets Nomura apart from other investment banks is their growth. They survived the banking crisis unscathed and even took advantage of it by acquiring part of the Lehman Brothers legacy. This move gave them a solid foundation outside of Asia and is typical of Nomura`s entrepreneurial nature. Unlike so many other investment banks, this is long-term. It is preparing for the future, while most banks still seem to be recovering. In this way, one could say that Nomura stands out as a new type of „sustainable“ global bank. In my current role at the Loans and High Yield Credit Office, my day begins around 7:30 a.m. with a morning conference call. Following this call, I compiled an overview of Bloomberg`s highlights of the companies we manage in our loan portfolio. During the reporting period, I will compile profit summaries for the specific names of the portfolio for which I am responsible and distribute them to the relevant teams and individuals within the bank. When a live transaction is evaluated by the office, there will often be a series of meetings with colleagues in investment banking, finance and risk management to discuss and analyze the merits of the transaction before it is forwarded to the necessary approval committees. A recent highlight for me was the management buyout of Iceland Foods, it was the first transaction I was responsible for from start to finish, and it was exciting to see it announced in the news after closing! My main motivation is to lead a successful professional life, to be constantly challenged and to learn something new every day.

After some research, the investment bank seemed to me to be able to give what I was looking for. So I applied to Nomura for an internship and worked in the equity team for six months. This experience showed me that investment banking was definitely where I wanted to be and that Nomura could offer me the best career prospects in the industry. I find the investment banking industry fascinating and look forward to gaining experience in the years to come and growing even faster in my career. Our goal is simple: to become a global leader. We aggressively grow our business, offering high-quality bespoke solutions, such as financing and providing currency hedging instruments and derivatives. We see this as just the beginning. Join us now and you will be part of this incredible growth and pave the way for the future of global investment banking. I did an internship with the UK group and worked in both mergers and acquisitions and corporate brokerage. The experience was unique because, while M&A teams are typically very project-focused, exposure to corporate brokerage meant I was even closer to the markets than many of my M&A peers. My usual day-to-day tasks included sending a client update every morning and performing ad hoc analysis for our brokerage clients. I would then be assigned to ongoing projects and work closely with an associate to develop a presentation book and conduct an evaluation analysis.

Here you are exposed to the real professional life of a banker and really start learning the ins and outs of a business. I did an internship in the Fixed Income FX Sales team and then in the Equities Cash Sales Trading team. For both teams, my day usually started between 6:30 and 7:00 a.m. with a trading meeting, after which I compiled a summary of the key details and emailed them to the team. After the meeting, there would be specific meetings to organize the tasks of the day before the opening of the markets for daily transactions. After trading, I often helped the team with tasks such as reviewing daily trades with settlement teams to make sure they were properly booked, etc. Within the FX sales office, I was also involved in specific one-off projects, including creating an Excel template that served as a platform to structure team members` sales strategies. I am currently part of the connectivity team responsible for application management that manages all business units within Nomura.

We also manage connections to all EMEA exchanges and brokers used by Nomura. Graduate training included sessions on technical and soft skills. Since my product knowledge was very fundamental at the beginning of my internship, I was able to attend technical sessions on fixed income products and general training on financial markets, which helped me understand the type of products I was evaluating and evaluating on a daily basis. What I found most valuable were the soft skills sessions as they were examined at university. This included a session on presenting impactful presentations where your pitches were recorded and then played, which I found very helpful and informative. My most important advice for everyone is preparation. You need to understand how the bank works and the different roles it has so that you can understand the characteristics and tasks that each role involves.