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To apply, please send a CV to legal@oecd.org later than Friday, May 21, 2021. The OECD`s Legal Affairs Directorate is a small, highly integrated team that provides advice and information on the legal, institutional and procedural aspects of OECD activities, including the negotiation, interpretation and application of OECD legal instruments. We are looking for an intern for the Department of International Law, who can start in July 2021 for a period of six months. The main task of the selected candidate is to assist legal advisers who are active in matters of international law, the legal instruments of the Organization, the Organization`s relations with non-members, as well as procedural and governance matters. The OECD may, from time to time, use the services of other websites or recruitment services to promote our vacancies and identify potential candidates. If you become aware of any such activity and wish to confirm the validity of these services, please send recruitment@oecd.org an email. Ms. Fecteau, who is a Canadian citizen, began her career as a legal assistant to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada and as a lawyer at a leading law firm in Montreal. In 1991, she began her career in international organizations in the General Legal Affairs Division of FAO`s Legal Office in Rome. Ms.

Josée Fecteau is Director of Legal Affairs. She took office on 11 December 2020. In addition to her management duties, she oversees the organization`s legal advice on various administrative and governance matters. It also oversees the legal support of OECD directorates, heads and bodies in the production of the Organisation`s policy outputs and is responsible for coordinating the accession process to the Organisation. The Nuclear Law Division (NLD) of the NEA is seeking a legal advisor with strong legal qualifications and relevant experience in the field of nuclear law. He/she will be primarily responsible for issues related to DNL publications and educational programs, as well as issues related to the Nuclear Law Committee related to international cooperation in the field of nuclear law. He/she will work within the team of the Department of Nuclear Law under the supervision of the Head of DNL. The Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) is an intergovernmental agency operating within the framework of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

It facilitates cooperation among countries with advanced nuclear technology infrastructure to pursue excellence in nuclear safety, technology, science, related environmental and economic affairs, and law. The NEA`s task is to assist its 34 member countries in maintaining and developing the scientific, technological and legal basis for the safe, environmentally sound and economical use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes through international cooperation. It strives to provide authoritative assessments and create a common understanding of key issues as input to government decisions on nuclear technology policy. ► Consult and apply for vacancies on our recruitment website. This website is the only approved way to apply for a job opening at the OECD.► Do not make payments as part of an OECD recruitment process.► Do not disclose personal or financial information to strangers.► Do not respond to unsolicited or suspicious job offers. Develop your career with us. The OECD offers an inclusive and dynamic workplace with competitive advantages to support your work and development. Learn more about the recruitment process and get information about applying.

As a hub for debating global policy issues, the OECD interacts with governments, international organisations, parliamentarians, business, trade unions, academics, the media and NGOs, using its position to build an unprecedented knowledge network based on a deeply rooted belief in the benefits of multilateral co-operation. Ms. Fecteau joined the OECD`s Legal Affairs Directorate in 1995 and, over the years, has served as Acting Director, Deputy Director, Head of the Division for Administrative and Budgetary Affairs and Senior Legal Adviser. Our work promotes policies to improve the economic and social well-being of people around the world. The OECD brings together governments, parliamentarians, businesses, community leaders, civil society organisations and academics to find solutions to common problems, develop global standards, share experiences and identify best practices to co-develop better strategies for a better life. Discover our wide range of possibilities and find the one that suits your talents. By providing high-quality policy advice based on multidisciplinary perspectives and peer learning approaches, the OECD is a unique international organisation that sets standards and defines best practice in almost all areas of economic and social policy. Targets of these fraudulent efforts may include extorting money or personal information from applicants by requesting payments or personal and financial information. Please note that the OECD or any person working on behalf of the organisation for recruitment purposes will never require payments and that the organisation will not request financial information during the recruitment process. We take this situation very seriously and take all possible steps to detect and stop this type of scam.

For selected candidates, written tests are scheduled for the end of October 2022 and interviews with the jury are scheduled for November 2022. SGELEG › Josée Fecteau, Director of Legal Affairs Recently, several incidents have been identified where organisations and individuals have fraudulently claimed to recruit on behalf of the OECD. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is an international organisation that works for better strategies for better lives.