When Are Legal 500 Results Published

We encourage companies and groups to use the recommended logos on their websites, electronic signatures and marketing materials and, where possible, cite www.legal500.com as a source. The logos may only be used by companies, groups and individuals recommended as part of our independent research in the editorial sections of The Legal 500. USA: The 2020 edition of the United States will kick off on June 9, 2020 at legal500.com The Legal 500 has announced a series of webinars that we are hosting as well as a list of webinars that the IBA is hosting with our support. The full list is legal500.com/events/webinars-home/ available here and is regularly updated Banners, press releases, thought leadership articles, and companies in the spotlight are additional ways to differentiate your firm from its competitors and give your firm a broader presence in www.legal500.com The Legal 500 readership research project interviewed 2,536 GCs in legal500.com, at events such as the Association of Corporate Counsel`s annual meeting, and through our personal interviews with internal services. The results are as follows: legal500.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/18/2020/05/legal500_uk_researchers_solicitors_london.pdf The interviews are based on a standard questionnaire. However, follow-up questions and more comprehensive conversations about specific law firms and key issues that influence the purchase of legal services are indeed the norm. This is partly due to the fact that the interviews are conducted by experienced journalists and researchers with a high level of market knowledge. Not all interviews are assignable. Throughout the year, we also receive many unsolicited comments and recommendations from customers. Not only do we contact clients recommended by law firms to review their bids, but we compare these results with a detailed representative sample of the world`s largest companies. In particular, we ensure that we have contacted a statistically valid sample of top-tier clients if they are sorted by market capitalization, sector or region. Customer references: Customer reference lists submitted after the deadline are always subject to change, but we cannot guarantee when they will be processed.

And keep in mind that customer responses may come too late to be taken into account by our editorial team. Note that if you submit a client after the deadline and this reference has already been designated by another law firm, it will be too late for us to contact that client (if the client has already been notified by email, we will no longer send them an email). Client research conducted for The Legal 500 consists of two main components and includes qualitative and quantitative analyses. Each year, we write to companies asking them to provide information about their areas of expertise, asking for specific details about the work done in the previous year (some of which is confidential and not publicly available). This approach gives us a consistent level and standardized data quality, allowing us to compare legal service providers with greater accuracy and security. The biggest change in approach is that this year we are allowing ABS-structured legal service providers (including those not regulated by SRA) to submit to rankings where appropriate. Please note that in the UK Guide, the intention is not to create a separate ranking of ABS companies, but to allow companies competing with traditional law firms for specific services to submit applications for specific areas of activity. To send us your submissions, please visit submissions.legal500.com and follow the on-screen instructions to send us new documents. Our research team has done an incredible job over the past few weeks and remains committed to providing the best rankings and analysis to the legal market in an ever-changing world.

As always, we would like to thank all the law firms, ensembles, and in-house counsel who have worked with us to ensure the business continues as usual. Lol However, the size of the team, as well as its strength and depth, are among the factors that the editorial researcher will take into account when evaluating a practice against its competitors. Others include the quality of the work handled, the caliber of the clients, the feedback of the arbitrators, and the reputation of the individual practitioners. But a small section can still be recommended in The Legal 500. The opinions expressed in the editorial sections represent the opinions of the editors, without any legal liability or liability for errors or inaccuracies. Research for the editorial is based on the combined opinions of the many lawyers interviewed in each area of expertise, feedback from corporate clients, and analysis of transactions or contentious topics. It is important to note that the editorial is therefore a subjective overview based on systematic research. The recommendation tables are divided into groups: companies are listed by levels in order of priority and alphabetically within the levels.

In addition, companies were sorted alphabetically by the company`s first name or initial (i.e. the last listed company in a group is just as highly recommended as the first listed company at this stage). The Legal 500 Caribbean 2023 will be released in November 2022 with three new sections (explained in more detail) alongside traditional offshore markets. You can also contact Amy McDermott, Sales Manager (amy.mcdermott@legal500.com +44 207 396 5648) to learn more about marketing your business. Details on the researchers will be published at the start of the research in December 2022. Login details have been sent to all companies – if you have not received your login or are having trouble accessing submissions.legal500.com, please contact us via our FAQ page via the „Submissions“ section. However, be aware of „customer fatigue,“ i.e. when a client is asked to provide referrals for multiple practice areas (and may also be requested by other companies). In this situation, a customer may not bother to respond or give a superficial answer.

So, ask yourself if you should use a wider variety of different clients. „The Legal 500 Podcast“ will follow shortly. We will make announcements through the website and our social media channels, so follow us when it appears. The main contact person for questions in this area is Will Tolcher, Lawyer Writer – will.tolcher@legal500.com task of the editorial team is to research the legal market, domain by area; assigning rankings to business practices; and the accompanying editorial. There is no charge for an editorial submission. Our editorial staff is independent and we do not favour advertisers. We are also the only ones to publish their web statistics. We have about 18.5 million page views per year. We believe this is much more than any competitor or any comparable legal website.