Wilsons Solicitors Llp Legal 500

Wilsons has been ranked in 9 practice areas, with several of our lawyers recommended by the guide. The Legal 500 analyzed the capabilities of law firms around the world, with a comprehensive research program reviewed and updated annually to provide the most up-to-date view of the global legal market. Rankings are based on client feedback, interviews with leading lawyers, and law firm filings. Customer feedback: „Wilsons` teams are very well aligned. They each have complementary skills that are effectively combined to ensure that their guidance and advice is accurate, timely and based on a broad knowledge base. „All people, without exception, are highly qualified and knowledgeable in their field of expertise. „Excellent technical skills in a range of disciplines combined with first-class customer service. Congratulations to everyone involved. The 2019 edition of the Legal 500 ranked Wilson Solicitors LLP and below is a summary of the comments made on our work across all our departments. The firm: The firm has grown from a small law firm to a large firm with 13 partners, 90 employees and a national reputation for excellence.

The firm receives the majority of its work through personal recommendations from satisfied clients or specific recommendations from other professionals. In today`s connected world, a reputation that has taken years to build can be damaged in minutes with just a few clicks. Defamatory posts can not only be costly in terms of lost income and employment opportunities, but also cause a lot of distress and embarrassment. It is therefore important to act quickly before a malicious publication spreads. As experts in English defamation law, our defamation lawyers are adept at helping you. „Aysen Soyer and Patricia Beckett are both excellent, clients have the same service, whether they are legally supported or paying privately. Both are particularly good with the most demanding customers. Wilson Solicitors LLP`s practice is headed by James Elliott, described by one client as the „Bible of unlawful imprisonment“. The firm is primarily a legal aid practice dealing with testing and judicial review processes, with a particular focus on immigration. Katy Robinson specializes in community care and migrant rights.

Nusrat Uddin focuses his practice on victims of human trafficking and modern slavery. Jed Pennington is also recommended. „Wilsons is one of the leading immigration companies in the country. Its reputation is rightly deserved. He has a large team of excellent, highly qualified and dedicated lawyers. In any case, the client receives from this company an excellent quality of representation and service. They are recognized for their significant cases where legislative changes and government policy are questioned, but are equally adept at achieving excellent results in individual cases. Wilsons has one of the largest teams of lawyers advising farmers and landowners in the country of immigration: the firm has one of the largest immigration law departments in the UK with 25 specialist lawyers.

The firm`s clients come from a wide variety of fields. Thanks to careful preparation, many applications are successfully settled as soon as they are first submitted to the Ministry of the Interior. The company takes a „get it right the first time“ approach. As immigration regulations become increasingly complex, careful preparation of applications is essential. When cases encounter difficulties, the firm has extensive experience in conducting appeals and judicial reviews. Wilson Solicitors LLP has acted in numerous high-profile cases before the Supreme Court. The cabinet regularly appears before the Select Immigration Appeals Commission in matters involving national security. All of the firm`s lawyers are accredited under the Law Society Asylum and Immigration Law Accreditation Scheme. Two of his partners were appointed part-time judges in 2006 and sit on the FTS (Immigration and Asylum Chamber). „They are incredibly well prepared, committed and very competent. But it`s important that they never forget that every major legal challenge always has a client at the center.

Details of all our qualified lawyers are listed in the Legal 500. „Wilson`s public law team is at the top of its game, striking that balance between case preparation and focusing on relevant legal issues.“ Wilson Solicitors LLP, headed by Aysen Soyer, advises on all family matters. It is a leading provider of legal aid and advises clients on a private basis. Public Law: The firm has a dynamic department of eight specialized lawyers who advise on all aspects of government decisions. The firm specializes in challenging unlawful detention, abuse of state power, particularly in immigration detention centers, and obtaining financial compensation. There is also a particular commitment to ambulatory care cases. The company has filed lawsuits against local authorities, police, the Ministry of Home Affairs and the General Medical Council. The firm has mutual legal assistance agreements under public law, civil actions against the police, and community care. Family and Children`s Law: The firm has ten lawyers specializing in this work. The firm has three members of the Law Society`s Children`s Committee who are appointed to represent the best interests of children in care proceedings. The firm also includes members of the Law Society`s Advanced Family Law Expert Panel and Resolution.

She advises on all aspects of marriage and registered partnership, from marriage to divorce and dissolution, including domestic violence and assistance to public services. The company receives referrals from various official and voluntary organizations that work with children. The firm has extensive experience in high-quality financial litigation.