Word Opening Two Blank Documents

If you have problems with the Word document that is empty when opened, don`t get stuck anymore. Here are some handy methods to fix the problem of saved Word document now empty. Use the robust file repair software to repair corrupted Word files effectively. Another way to fix the problem of blank Word document when opened is to use the /a command-line switch. The /a switch is a troubleshooting tool that can be used to determine where the problem may be in Word. In addition to creating new documents, you often need to open a previously saved document. For more information about saving documents, see our lesson on saving and sharing documents. Watch the video below to learn more about creating and opening documents in Word. Some users have reported that this workaround is effective in recovering empty Word files. It`s worth a try.

Note, however, that to restore a file from previous versions, you must enable File History or restore points in advance. Otherwise, it will not be available. When the Word document is opened with text, the problem is found. And you need to disable add-ins. If your Word document is still empty, try the next option. „Yesterday, I worked for a long time on a Word document (about 5 pages of a report) and I saved it several times. But this morning, when I tried to open the document, it appeared empty and without text. I have big problems. Why is my saved Word document empty when I open it? How to recover blank Word documents? Solutions? That`s it, you know how to fix saved Word documents that open empty.

We believe you can fix this problem after trying the approaches above. I hope you find this guide very helpful if you continue. Word files are called documents. When you start a new project in Word, you must create a new document that can be blank or taken from a template. You also need to know how to open an existing document. Quick navigation to methods for Word document is blank when opening Problem: If you are still using a blank document, you must configure the Word program to always open a blank document instead of displaying the Start screen when you run the program. It`s easy to set up Word to always open a blank document. Simply turn off the Start screen in the Word program to automatically open a blank document every time you run the Word program. Step 1.Launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and then scan hard drive with corrupted documents With this software, you can repair corrupted Word, Excel, PPT and PDF files in the same steps. Restart the Word program. The Word program should now automatically open a blank document instead of displaying the Start screen.

Whatever the reason, there are several possible workarounds for this issue. In this guide, we will see how to fix saved Word documents that open blank. So, stay tuned when we start. When you start a new project in Word, you often want to start with a new, blank document. 1. Right-click on the blank Word document and choose „Restore Previous Versions“. To open a blank document, double-click the Blank Document option. Sometimes you may have to work with documents that were created in earlier versions of Microsoft Word, such as Word 2010 or Word 2007. When you open these types of documents, they appear in compatibility mode. When you open Word by using the /a switch, not all add-ins, global templates, and settings are loaded, so you can determine whether these factors are causing the empty problem. Learn how to force the Office Word program to open the default blank document.

When you open Word, some versions of Word may take you directly to a new, blank document. Newer versions like Word 2016 will take you to a menu called Backstage View, where you can choose whether you want to open a new blank document or a new document from a template. If you already have a file open in Word, you can create a new document by clicking File>New. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+N (Command+N for Mac). Step 3.EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can automatically repair your corrupted documents. After previewing the file, you can click „Recover“ to save the repaired Word, Excel and PDF document files to a safe location. Download and install this file repair program on your PC and follow the steps below to repair blank Word documents. 3. In the Open dialog box, select the empty Word file. On the home page, if necessary, view all available templates, recently opened documents, pinned documents, and documents shared with you.

Although the Start screen in Word is useful for quickly viewing and opening recently opened documents, you can view recently used documents even after you turn off the Start screen. To view and access recently opened documents, you can right-click the Word icon on the taskbar at any time, and then click the document entry to open it, or use the Ctrl+O keyboard shortcut key to quickly view recently used documents. If the saved Word document is damaged, you cannot open it or it may be empty when you open it. Under these circumstances, you need a Word document repair tool. EaseUS file repair software, built-in file recovery and repair software, allows you to repair corrupted photos, videos, Word, Excel, PowerPoint or other files easily. A notable way to empty saved Word documents is to use the Open and Repair command tool. It works well and it`s quite effective. Follow the steps below to continue with this method. If you find that the saved Word document is empty when you open it, how can you fix the problems? The following part deals with the answers. If your Word document opens blank because you forgot to save it, the solution is different. Read the article on how to recover unsaved Word documents in Windows 10. Most features of Microsoft Office, including Word, are focused on storing and sharing documents online.

This is done with OneDrive, an online storage space for your documents and files. If you want to use OneDrive, make sure you`re signed in to Word with your Microsoft account. Read our OneDrive basic lesson to learn more. You can also use the /a switch to prevent the saved Word document from opening blankly. The /a switch is a debugging tool that you can use to find out where the problem is in Word. Starting Word with the /a switch disables all add-ins, global templates, and settings so that you can determine whether these factors are causing the blank work problem. Have you ever encountered the problem of a saved Word document opening blank? If so, the underlying cause seems uncertain. However, there are two main reasons for this problem. The document may have been damaged in some way. In this case, the contents of your Word document are gone and the file appears to be empty.

Malware, viruses, or other external threats can attack Word and result in blank Word documents. The ribbon is located at the top of the Word window and contains the title bar of the window. The following ribbon applies to Word 2016. If you`re using a different version, your ribbon may not look exactly the same. However, most of the features look similar and are located near a similar area. If you have a different version of Word and can`t find the feature you need, search the web to find out where the Word version of the feature/button is located and replace the feature/button with the feature or button you want to search for and the version with your version number. For example, if you`re using Word 2010 and you can`t find the controls to add a column, perform a Web search for the Word 2010 column. Step 3: On the resulting page, in the Settings section, uncheck Show document gallery when opening Word. There you go! We believe that after trying the above approaches, you can fix the blank Word document when it is opened. To repair corrupted Word documents, try EaseUS file repair software that can effectively repair your corrupted files. On this page, we offer you some possible solutions to fix the saved Word document issue.

Try each of them in turn until the problem is resolved. If you want to access the new features, you can convert the document to the current file format. Step 3: Uncheck the box next to the Show home screen when starting this app option. Click the OK button. 2. From the list of previous restore points, select the most recent. Visit this Microsoft support page to learn more about features disabled in compatibility mode. 1. Quit Word, right-click the Start button, and then select Run.

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Emails in Outlook 2018/2017/2016/2010/2007/2003 A typical solution to the Word problem is to delete the Word Data registry subkey, which stores most of Word`s default options and settings. When you resume Word, the application uses the default settings to regenerate the Word Data registry subkey. It doesn`t work at all, I`ve tried a dozen times.